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Dr Manzanares in Ohio!

Reflexology Association of Ohio is pleased to share that we sponsored a two day workshop, Science Based Reflexology, on June 5th and June 6th, 2010 with Dr. Manzanares, M.D. of Barcelona Spain There were 27 participants from 8 different states, 16 of which were from Ohio. It was a great educational opportunity and provided an opportunity to meet fellow Reflexologists from various states.

This was a unique opportunity to study with a renowned doctor who has done research over 28 years with 70,000 clinical cases of reflexology. He is the first to perform biopsies on the feet that study and document what is found in the actual tissue of the tender ‘reflex areas’. He is the author of numerous books including,

Principles of Reflexology I & II, and the creator of the first scientific-based reflexology maps of the feet.

The Manzanares Method of Science-Based Reflexology

Dr. Manzanares shared his knowledge and experience including:

The first science-based explanation for reflexology

The first biopsy research on the feet revealing the truth about deposits

Theta brain waves validated with EEG studies during reflexology

Dr. Manzanares also presented:

The neurophysiological basis of reflexology — the science behind the art

Advanced therapeutic reflexology techniques

Mapping and diagrams of the foot-to-body relation from a medical perspective

Assessment and applications for specific pathologies

Pathologic studies and biopsies of the feet performed by Dr. Manzanares

Scientific basis of deposits and sensitivity in the foot reflex areas

His own studies, map locations and research

Experiential, interactive and hands-on practice of foot reflexology

Dr. Manzanares shared his passion and inspired many of the participants to think about our perspective regarding reflexology, science of Reflexology vs. relaxation Reflexology. He was candid about his results, his approach, and showed an incredible amount of patience as he provided hands on instructions to each participant through the weekend as we learned the Dr. Manzanares technique.

Participants were so impressed and inspired that they have already expressed interest in learning more from Dr. Manzanares.

A special thank you to Linda Chollar for coordinating and organizing the workshop!

Reflexology Association of America Conference

The Reflexology Association of America held their Conference at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center in Englewood, CO May 14 - 16, 2010.  The speakers were Dr. Marc Piquemal, Christine Issel, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson, Amanda Trosten, Barbara Brower, Stephenie Cooke, Kristi Gabriel, Laura Jodry and Lone Sorenson.

ARCB President, Michael Rainone reported there is now a Hand Reflexology Certification test.  The ARCB is strictly an independent testing organization.

Barbara Bower provided an update on the University of Michigan Study of the benefits of Reflexology related to breast cancer.  The results should be available summer of 2010.

The ACARET Board of Directors, Linda Chollar, Kathy Ungerecht, Lilian Morten and Tom Marziale attended the conference.  They announced… “the new national standardized curriculum for reflexology certification training. Applications for voluntary accreditation of reflexology curriculum will begin Winter 2010. This momentous accomplishment by ACARET and the reflexology community moves the profession toward a higher standard of education for reflexology in America.

Industry surveys reveal a collective enthusiasm and unity of mind for our profession to raise the minimum educational standards. As we move into the future with reflexology being recognized as a CAM practice by the White House Commission on CAM, we raise the bar for excellence in education.”